“Peek & Boo” is a new board book series from author-illustrator Estrela Lourenço. With twelve spreads per book, it is geared for readers aged 1-3. Playing with the popular game “Peekaboo,” readers are invited to help Peek search for Boo in each book, as the small guinea pig gets up to all sorts of hi-jinx hiding from his bunny-friend. 

Each book will feature a different setting or situation familiar to toddlers, such as their bedtime routine, a visit to the playground or zoo, or a colorful festival in the park. These settings are used not only to produce an exciting story, but to introduce little ones to important keywords, such as animals, colors, and numbers. 
The board books will all have a short story arch, where Peek cannot find Boo, and searches throughout their location for her friend. To the reader’s delight, they’ll be able to find Boo in unique hiding spots in each spread, before Boo finally makes his appearance at the end of each book.
Character Studies for Peek & Boo
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